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Private psychiatrists:

Norman Broudy, MD    655-7110
John DeFrate, MD    655-7110
Oscar Galvis, MD    410-620-0008    Union Behavioral Health
Rich Kingsley, MD    651-4500    duPont Hospital Psychiatry
Karl McIntosh, MD    594-9000    Brandywine Counseling
Nidia Yanez, MD    655-2991
Peter Zorach, MD    573-5112
Rockford Ctr.    996-5480
(For emergencies, Rockford accepts Medicaid patients only if the Terry Center can’t accept them because there’s no room.)

Sliding Scale/Medicaid:

Terry Center    577-4270
Delaware Guidance    652-3948 x137

Teen Drug Rehab:

Aquila    999-1106
Caron Institute    800-854-6023
Keystone Center, Chester PA    610-876-9000
Brandywine Center    656-2348