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Advice from Dr. Epstein

On this website, you will find dozens of handouts I have written for our patients. These handouts illustrate my best personal advice on many frequently-asked topics.

Browse through the many pages, organized on the panel at left. In addition, you will find many notes and comments that I've posted on my Pediatrics blog; click on the "Read Our Block" button at the top of this page.

If these raise questions for you, or if there are other things you wish to discuss, please feel free to call us!

Please note that I have written this information myself, for the use and education of my patients, based on my training and experience as a Board-Certified pediatrician.  It is intended to supplement the medical care of patients under the care of Delaware Modern Pediatrics.  While it cannot be construed as complete treatment, nor does it substitute for hands-on medical care, I hope that it helps patients to raise healthy children!

If you use another pediatrician, you are welcome to peruse these handouts and share them with your doctor.

     --  David Epstein, MD