• Apr 19 2020
    We continue to be open every day at 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, for our regular hours, for all sick and well care. If you have an upcoming appointment, please keep it. (If you are unable to come, please notify us well ahead of time.) Please do NOT avoid coming to our office for regular care! We are taking all precautions to keep your family (and ourselves) safe. Deferring infant vaccines simply puts them at risk for epidemics of measles, meningitis and pneumonia. Don t think this... details
  • Apr 2 2020
    The FDA has recalled Zantac (Ranitidine) from pharmacy's shelves. The recall applies to both tablets and the prescription suspension for babies. The FDA questions whether a chemical, called NDMA, is present in the Zantac in harmful amounts. NDMA is reported to be a probable carcinogen if you have prolonged exposure. For some reason, the amount of NDMA sometimes increases over time as the Zantac sits in the medicine cabinet. The FDA does not know for sure that the Zantac (ranitidine)... details
  • Mar 22 2020
    Please click this link for essential information about Coronavirus: In this emergency situation, my staff and I are working hard to keep you (and us) safe and cared for. PLEASE DON'T go to the ER without calling us. Dr. Epstein ... details
  • Mar 1 2020
    There is free help available to file your State and Federal taxes. Nehemiah Gateway Community Development Corporation (NGCDC) can give file tax filing assistance to qualifying Delaware taxpayers for personal and small business taxes. Nehemiah Gateway 201 W 23rd St Wilmington, DE 19802 (302) 655-0803 In particular, 25% of eligible people fail to claim billions of dollars in Earned Income Tax Credit each year. Ask your preparer if you qualify, and possibly get a tax refund. https://r... details
  • Feb 29 2020
    Have you heard Baby Shark ? Who hasn't? It's a huge viral craze. But you might not know that it isn't the first time this song and its hand motion dance has gone viral - there were two other YouTube versions before that! And before that, it was a camp song. And before THAT, the music might even have been inspired by the 1975 movie Jaws. Here's a fascinating episode of the podcast Decoder Ring , 37 minutes long, about the history of this kids' song. https://slate.... details
  • Dec 24 2019
    Christiana Care has a new Autism evaluation program at Wilmington Hospital. If you would like your child evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder, or would like more in-depth evaluation and treatment, you may contact them. Dr. Narpinder Mahli Wilmington Hospital, Department of Psychiatry 501 W. 14th Street Gateway Building, Suite 1E40 Wilmington, DE 19801 302-320-9108 ... details
  • Apr 1 2019
    Paper books are better than electronic tablets for reading to toddlers. A new study observed parents reading to their toddlers, using print books and with interactive, tablet-based books. With print books, parents engaged in more reading, more conversation, and more engagement than with the electronic tablet. I suspect that the bright lights and noises of electronic books are distracting for both the parents and the kids. The well-known benefits of reading to children may not extend ... details
  • Mar 2 2019
    Click here: ProAir inhalers for asthma have changed delivery systems, from a metered dose inhaler to the RespiClick system. The technique for using them is different. The RespiClick inhalers don't require a tube spacer or Aerochamber. They release no fluorocarbons into the ozone layer. I expect them to treat asthma as well as the old MDI's. The dose is the same: two inhalations every 4 hours, as needed. Please read the instructions that ... details