• May 28 2021
    Pfizer will seek clearance in September 2021 for its vaccine to be used in children aged 2 to 11 at that time. Apparently it will be the same formulation that is already used in adults and teens. We usually receive the yearly Flu vaccine around Labor Day. So it's possible that we will routinely offer COVID-19 shots, along with Flu shots, to kids 2 and over in September. Also, Pfizer has applied for full approval of its vaccine. Currently, all COVID-19 vaccines have Emergency Use Au... details
  • May 17 2021
    Vaccinated people can now generally go about their business. The Governor has followed the President's lead in relaxing the requirements for masking in public. However, the regulations still require masks to be worn in health care facilities. (And, of course, most of our patients are not vaccinated, due to their young age.) So we must still ask parents and their families to wear masks in our office at all times, even if you are fully vaccinated. This is for your protection, and for ... details
  • May 16 2021
    Ingredients in many prepared baby foods, including some organic jar food , have been found to be contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic, lead and cadmium. A congressional panel excoriated the baby food industry, and the US government's lax oversight of jar baby food. I recommend making your own baby food, right at the table. The baby benefits from sharing the same meal that the parents eat. You can avoid much picky eating by familiarizing your baby with flavors and textures, ri... details
  • May 15 2021
    COVID-19 PCR testing is being provided for free by the State of Delaware. Any Delaware resident can be tested, without a prescription or doctor's order. Do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth for 20 minutes prior to the test. WHERE TO GO: 1. You can find testing locations here: Some of these, but not all, don't need a doctor's order. Many also offer COVID-19 vaccinations. 2. There is a schedule of pop-up clinics; you can make ... details
  • Feb 4 2021
    DIAA has issued a new form, and guidelines regarding Return to Play after a student-athlete has contracted COVID-19. Download the form HERE: t=18 f=210079 ... details