Visit-By-Visit Teaching

At each check-up, there I things I like my patients to know. You will receive a copy of the appropriate handouts at each visit.  But if you like to be prepared, you're welcome to anticipate the information by browsing the handouts below.

One month

Immunization schedule for most healthy infants

After-hours emergency policy

Car seats

Obesity prevention

Two months

Read to your baby

Immunizations are safe and effective

Four months

Sleep advice for infants

Starting solids

Six months  
Nine months
The word "no!"
One year

Cooperation and responsibility

Car seats

Fifteen months  
Cooperation and responsibility

At subsequent visits, it will be useful to review some of these topics.  Also, as each child develops individually, parents ask for additional advice.  I encourage you to browse all my handouts; click here to see the entire list.