TV Allowance

Imagine that watching TV required a ticket, like going to the movies!

These tickets may be used as an allowance.  Perhaps 15 tickets may be given to your child every Sunday night, or 2 tickets each morning.  The tickets may be stored in a jar, in the child’s room.

The tickets may be saved up for several weeks for a “marathon TV weekend,” or used up immediately. Once they’re gone, TV is not permitted until the next “allowance.”

A ticket should be “paid” each time your child:


  • Watches a TV show or movie for ½ hour
  • Watches a tape or DVD for ½ hour
  • Plays a video game or “Game-Boy” for ½ hour
  • Plays a computer game for ½ hour


--  Print a sheet with TV tickets by clicking here:

download TV Movie Tickets as a .pdf