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  • Dec 20 2020
    The need for quarantine has been shortened by the CDC and the Delaware Division of Public Health, after exposure to a known case of COVID-19. Click here: How long must I quarantine, or isolate? Regarding quarantine: there are NEW shorter recommendations. The CDC and Delaware Division of Public Health now recommend 10 days of quarantine (NOT 14!). And you can shorten it further t... details
  • Dec 19 2020
    The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, and now the Moderna vaccine, have been given emergency approval by the FDA. Neither vaccine has been approved for children under 16. Both companies have started testing their vaccines on kids 12 and older, but results have not been announced. Neither company has announced testing in children under 12. At the moment, COVID-19 vaccination for children is a moot point. Vaccine doses are short enough supply that only a fraction of front-line workers ... details
  • Sep 6 2020
    COVID-19 PCR testing is being provided for free by the State of Delaware. Any Delaware resident can be tested, without a prescription or doctor's order. Do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth for 20 minutes prior to the test. WHERE TO GO: 1. The Delaware Division of Public Health runs free, drive-up testing clinics in the parking lot of one Walgreens in each county, from 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days per week. No appointment is needed. In New Castle County, you can go to Walgreens, 700 S Ri... details