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  • Jan 26 2020
    No, not the Coronavirus from China. I'm talking about Influenza! As of Jan. 24, four Delawareans have died, and 39 American children (though none yet in Delaware). One big difference between Flu and Coronavirus: There's a vaccine for Flu! If your children haven't been vaccinated yet this year, call us. (If you or your adult loved ones haven't gotten the shot, you should go to your doctor or pharmacist.) details
  • Dec 24 2019
    Christiana Care has a new Autism evaluation program at Wilmington Hospital. If you would like your child evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder, or would like more in-depth evaluation and treatment, you may contact them. Dr. Narpinder Mahli Wilmington Hospital, Department of Psychiatry 501 W. 14th Street Gateway Building, Suite 1E40 Wilmington, DE 19801 302-320-9108 ... details
  • Mar 2 2019
    Click here: ProAir inhalers for asthma have changed delivery systems, from a metered dose inhaler to the RespiClick system. The technique for using them is different. The RespiClick inhalers don't require a tube spacer or Aerochamber. They release no fluorocarbons into the ozone layer. I expect them to treat asthma as well as the old MDI's. The dose is the same: two inhalations every 4 hours, as needed. Please read the instructions that ... details