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  • May 13 2022
    Formula shortages are becoming widespread. I expect that the situation is temporary, but babies need to be fed in the meantime! I'm not worried that our babies will go unfed. Here's my advice: - If your usual formula isn't available, any standard commercial infant formula that you can obtain is ok. It's ok to switch brands, or use generic formulas. Soy-based formulas are also fine. There's no need to slowly wean from one formula to another; just try the new formula,... details
  • Apr 25 2022
    Do you know of a teen having a mental health crisis? Here's how to get help, fast. Child Mental Health Mobile Crisis (juveniles in psychiatric crisis) Delaware: Dept of Services for Children, Youth and Families Call: 1-800-969-4357 OR Text: DE to the number 741741 Maryland Cecil County: Youth Crisis Hotline and Maryland Crisis Hotline Call: 1-800-422-0009 ... details
  • Apr 10 2022
    If we prescribe medication, but your pharmacy cannot fill the prescription the same day, please CALL us! Pharmacies are understandably overwhelmed and understaffed lately. But if you cannot get your child s medication, then we are not able to treat our patients properly (although we believe that we have). If your pharmacy tells you any of these things: The doctor never sent the prescription. We don t have it in stock, but we can get it in a few days. It s not covered by you... details
  • Feb 12 2022
    Plastics used in disposable packaging for food may leach chemicals that are bad for kids. Reusable plastic containers ( Tupperware etc.) may also leach chemicals. More chemicals are found in foods that are heated in these containers; even the heated dishwasher seems to increase chemical leaching. It might be better to transfer these foods to ceramic plates or glass dishes before reheating them. This article from the New York Times gives more details: details
  • Dec 11 2021
    We receive Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for children age 5-11 from the Division of Public Health, as well as vaccines for teens over 12. I strongly recommend vaccinating all kids against COVID-19. You can call our staff to schedule an appointment. Click HERE to read more about COVID-19 vaccines for children. -- Dr. Epstein ... details