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  • Sep 20 2023
    On Saturday, September 30, 2023, our office will be open from 9 to noon. You may call to make an appointment for sick visits, well care, or flu vaccines. -- Dr. Epstein ... details
  • Aug 29 2023
    We have flu shots in stock for ALL our patients. Call us to schedule an appointment to have your children immunized this year. Soon, we will also have an immunization available against RSV for children under 8 months, and some toddlers at high risk. As soon as it's available, I will post the news here. I also recommend COVID vaccines for ALL infants and children, 6 months and over. A new COVID vaccine booster, active against the latest variants, should be available in early October; ... details
  • Jul 3 2023
    Struggling with your baby's sleep? Have a look at this article. Dr. Craig Canapari is the Director of the Yale University Pediatric Sleep Center, and a father . In the article, he summarizes the commonly recommended sleep training techniques, including the sleep extinction method that I usually recommend. His article is clear, detailed and helpful. Click here to see Dr. Canapari's article. Click here to see the book that he has written, which has been well received. Click ... details
  • Feb 28 2023
    Please go straight from our office to your pharmacy to get medications we prescribe. If your pharmacy cannot fill a prescription the same day we prescribe it, please CALL us! Pharmacies are understandably overwhelmed and understaffed lately. But if you cannot get your child s medication, then we are not able to treat our patients properly (although we believe that we have). If your pharmacy tells you any of these things: The doctor never sent the prescription. We don t have it... details
  • Apr 25 2022
    Do you know of a teen having a mental health crisis? Here's how to get help, fast. Child Mental Health Mobile Crisis (juveniles in psychiatric crisis) Delaware: Dept of Services for Children, Youth and Families Call: 1-800-969-4357 OR Text: DE to the number 741741 Maryland Cecil County: Youth Crisis Hotline and Maryland Crisis Hotline Call: 1-800-422-0009 ... details