Can't get your prescriptions? Call us!

Date: April 10, 2022

If we prescribe medication, but your pharmacy cannot fill the prescription the same day, please CALL us!

Pharmacies are understandably overwhelmed and understaffed lately.  But if you cannot get your child’s medication, then we are not able to treat our patients properly (although we believe that we have).

If your pharmacy tells you any of these things:

  • “The doctor never sent the prescription.”
  • “We don’t have it in stock, but we can get it in a few days.”
  • “It’s not covered by your insurance.”
  • “The medicine is very expensive.”

Please call us!  If we know about the problem, we can always fix it.

We might call a different pharmacy, substitute another prescription, or arrange an exception with your insurance carrier.  But we cannot correct the problem if we are not aware of it.  The pharmacy won’t call us, because they may not have time (and they may not want to lose your business).

If you can not get your prescription, please call us; we’ll be happy to help you.

     --  David Epstein MD