Flu Shots are here, for all our patients!

Date: August 29, 2023

We have flu shots in stock for ALL our patients. Call us to schedule an appointment to have your children immunized this year.

Soon, we will also have an immunization available against RSV for children under 8 months, and some toddlers at high risk.  As soon as it's available, I will post the news here.

I also recommend COVID vaccines for ALL infants and children, 6 months and over.  A new COVID vaccine booster, active against the latest variants, should be available in early October; I recommend that all children and adults get this booster.  (I'm eager to get it myself!)

Click here for more information about flu vaccines:  http://www.dmpkids.com/FLu-vaccine-read-all-about-it/

     --  Dr. Epstein