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Ear Piercing in our office

We can pierce your child's ears for earrings!  We use professional ear piercing equipment and standard medical technique to perform ear piercing.

Any child, or infant over 3 months, can have their ears pierced.  The patient must be healthy, and up to date with immunizations.

The procedure is quick, and fairly painless.  No numbing is required.  We take care to place the holes symmetrically, and we mark the ears so that you can approve the hole placement before piercing.  We provide attractive training studs which are worn for the first 2 months after piercing; they are made of surgical steel, a non-reactive metal.

To review our thorough instructions for after-care, click here.  We ask that you review these instructions before the ears are pierced.

To download the permission form, click here.

The ear piercing is performed as a separate appointment, not at the same time as other medical care.  Our charge is $75, which is not typically covered by insurance; this includes the procedure and the cost of the training studs.