Printable Version - COVID-19 shots for ages 5-11 by October?

September 20, 2021

Pfizer will seek clearance in October 2021 for its vaccine to be used in children aged 5 to 11 at that time.  News outlets are reporting that Pfizer's data shows an excellent immune response (click here).

I will review the data when it's published, but my expectation is that we will be encouraging COVID-19 vaccination for kids, just as we do for Flu.  We have been vaccinating teens since provisional approval was granted in the spring.  The need is urgent: Children now account for more than one in five new cases; we will be unable to achieve "herd immunity" and end the pandemic until kids can be vaccinated against COVID-19.

We are already vaccinating kids for Flu now.  So it's possible that we will routinely offer COVID-19 shots, along with Flu shots, to kids 2 and over by the end of October.

     --  David Epstein MD

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