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White noise to help infants sleep

Does your baby or child sleep restlessly?  Some people are helped to sleep by some ambient noise.  We’ve all heard stories about babies who would sleep only with the vacuum cleaner running … !

You can run a quiet fan, or buy “noise machines” from a baby store.  Or, for a buck or two, you can download an hour-long “white noise” track, burn it to a CD or mp3 player, and play on “repeat” to help soothe your baby or child (or yourself for that matter!) to sleep. 

For your phone (Android), I recommend "Chroma Doze":

For an iPhone, "White Noise" app is recommended:

For your computer, try this website:

To download an mp3 file, this website has many options, free or $1.00:


In general, I recommend that the bedroom should be an electronics-free zone (for infants, children and adults!), but this is an exception. 

   –  David Epstein, MD