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Coronavirus 9: What to do with schoolkids at home?

Sheltering at home will be a bit boring, but your kids will still have educational school work.  Maintain structure during the day:  Set cell phone alarms for the start and end of “school time” at home, or even school “periods” (just like the bells that ring in school during the day).  Kids can use the time off school to read, do crafts, write stories, put on a play, make dinner or cookies - you get the idea.  Stock up on craft supplies, rather than toilet paper.

Let the kids play outside as much as they want, and get exercise!  (Just remind them not to touch each other, and wash up afterwards.)

Make sure everybody goes to bed on time.  Try setting a bedtime alarm.  With less structure, sometimes sleep routines take a back seat.  But sleep deprivation will cause behavior problems, and it may hinder their immune system.

Make plans to fight social isolation.  The whole family can talk to friends or older relatives using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype, or just a phone call (good for both of them!) – (And of course, do their homework.)

Everyone should avoid hours in front of the screen – the isolation is a risk for behavior problems, now and later.

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