Coronavirus 2020 > Coronavirus 9: What to do with schoolkids at home?

Coronavirus 9: What to do with schoolkids at home?

Encourage the kids to play outside as much as they want, and get exercise!  (Just remind them not to touch each other, and wash up afterwards.)

Make sure everybody goes to bed on time.  Try setting a bedtime alarm, especially for teens.  Sleep deprivation will cause behavior problems, and it may also hinder their immune system.

Make plans to fight social isolation.  The whole family can talk to friends or older relatives using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype, or just a phone call (good for both of them!)

Schedule a time every day to do an activity with your kids (not watching TV).  The kids will look forward to it, if they know what time they’ll have your undivided attention.  Try making “family game time” part of your daily schedule.

Everyone should avoid hours in front of the screen or cellphone.  The isolation of solitary screen time is a risk for behavior problems, now and later.

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