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Coronavirus 8: What should I tell my child?

Kids may pick up on everybody’s anxiety.  Emphasize that your family has control over your risk, and that hygiene and social distancing is effective.

It can be helpful to review as a family the positive actions you’re taking, to give everybody a sense of control.  Be a role model:  “Here are the actions we’re all taking to stay safe!”

Reassure kids that children, and even young healthy parents, are unlikely to suffer major complications.  But also point out that kids have a responsibility to protect the people they love around them, just as the adults do, by avoiding unnecessary contact and practicing good hygiene.

Teach the kids good handwashing and sanitizer use.  Practice with them.  Have them search for lots of good kids’ videos that demonstrate hand washing or sanitizing.  (And let me know if they find good ones – I’ll publish them!

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