Coronavirus 2020 > Coronavirus 5: What is Delaware Modern Pediatrics doing?

Coronavirus 5: What is Delaware Modern Pediatrics doing?

  • We are continuing to provide all routine sick and well care.  We have not restricted our hours.  Well children are generally seen in the morning.

  • Our office has dedicated Sick and Well waiting rooms; please make use of them!  Chairs are placed a “socially distanced” 6 feet apart. All visitors, including accompanying parents and family, are having their temperature measured on arrival.  All patients are taken back to an isolated exam room as soon as they are checked in. 

  • We have sequestered our toys. We are diligently disinfecting exam rooms and surfaces between patients.

  • Our staff is wearing protective equipment for all patient encounters, following all recommendations from experts.  Don’t be alarmed – we’re not sick!  We’re checking our own temperatures every day, and sick staff members will be sent home (with sick pay).

  • If there is a reasonable (even if low) suspicion that your child might have a mild case of COVID-19, we may arrange to bring you in at the end of the day.

  • In certain circumstances, we may make use of Telemedicine encounters.

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