Coronavirus 2020 > Coronavirus 4: Isn’t this all just “media hype”?

Coronavirus 4: Isn’t this all just “media hype”?

You bet – and a darned good thing, too!  In an epidemic of a serious disease, we must count on responsible newspapers and other news outlets to alert the public to keep each other safe.

Journalists are reporting verified facts, as accurately as possible; and the facts are concerning.  As a result, private citizens and businesses are making decisions on their own to defer conferences, meetings and sporting events, and colleges are temporarily closing.  Restrictions announced by state and local authorities are based on newspaper reports and statistics from the Delaware Division of Public Health.  If we’re fortunate and careful, the spread will be slowed, because people are taking reasonable precautions.

Please stay informed by getting your news from reputable newspapers and TV.  Try to distinguish between fact and opinion.  Do NOT rely on Facebook!  Be wary of home remedies and conspiracy theories.  If what you read sounds crazy, it’s probably wrong.

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