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Coronavirus 3: Can I get my child tested?

Not easily.  Any testing we do from our office will need to be targeted to acutely ill patients.  Not all kids with a fever and cough can get tested.

The sample is a nasal swab, like the flu test.  Results will be reported several days later.  We’ve been in constant contact with the Delaware Division of Public Health about testing.

In the meantime, patients thought to be at especially higher risk (kids sick enough to be hospitalized, kids exposed to known cases, or sick kids who have travelled to endemic countries) are being triaged through the Delaware Division of Public Health.  Call us; we will help you work with them.

Urgent Care centers (including Christiana’s “Emergency” Room in Middletown) are unable to care for potential COVID-19 patients. duPont Hospital is also not seeing these patients.  Please don’t go to Urgent Care  or the Emergency Room, or even call them;  if you suspect COVID-19, call us.)

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