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Coronavirus 3: Can I get my child tested?

Yes.  Any Delaware resident can be tested, without an order.  Click here for details.

PCR testing is available, if symptoms warrant and with an order from us.  Christiana Hospital can perform testing at their facility.  The patient must make an appointment, and bring our signed order for the test.  The sample is a nasal swab, like the flu test.  Results will be reported several days later.  A positive test implies active infection and contagiousness, though false-negative results have been reported.

Antibody tests on a blood sample can be drawn at a commercial lab such as Quest or Labcorp.  A positive test implies a prior infection, at least 2 weeks ago.  False-positive results have been reported.  The lab will not let you enter if your child is actively sick.

It is unfortunate that the tests available are sometimes inaccurate; Both false-positive and false-negative tests have been reported.  I hope that the accuracy improves, as we learn more.

Urgent Care centers (including Christiana’s “Emergency” Room in Middletown) are not able to care for potential COVID-19 patients. Please don’t go to Urgent Care  or the Emergency Room, or even call them;  if you suspect COVID-19, call us.)

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