Coronavirus 2020 > Coronavirus 2: Does my child have Coronavirus?

Coronavirus 2: Does my child have Coronavirus?

Here’s my answer at this moment:  I’m not even considering the diagnosis of COVID-19, unless the child has:

  1. Fever (not just low grade),
  2. Bad cough, and
  3. Increasing trouble breathing (that isn’t responding to asthma treatment if you have it).

As far as we know, profuse runny nose is not typical of COVID-19 symptoms.  Most of my patients with fever and cough have had flu, strep, ear infections, or another upper respiratory illness.  (Once testing for COVID-19 becomes more available, we may discover more kids with milder symptoms.)

Eventually, I expect that most of the population will contract the virus and develop immunity (or eventually get a vaccine when it’s developed), just as most of us have had “mono” and other childhood illnesses.


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